About Us

It is my goal to provide you with excellent personalized medical care within my specialty of obstetrics, gynecology, and infertility and that you receive that care in a comfortable office setting. As you search through this site, I hope that the enthusiasm I have for my life work shows through. Over the years of practicing medicine I have come to appreciate what my patients like and dislike about medical practices. Some patients may like their physician but find the office staff either uncaring or unresponsive to their needs. Others love the office staff because of their helpfulness but find the physician to be less than understanding and not engaged in their medical care. The best possible scenario is an office that runs efficiently by staff who are genuinely geared toward helping patients and health care providers (both physician and nurse practitioner) that actively seek to provide the best possible medical care with compassionate professionalism. This is the kind of healthcare that I feel my office and I provide.

» Obstetrics

I have been practicing obstetrics in this area since 1994. My training in obstetrics took place at the busiest hospital in the country – Los Angeles County / USC Medical Center. Having patients show up to our unit with significant complications and no history of prenatal care was a common occurrence. Thankfully, my life here in the East Bay area seems much more routine compared to my residency days…Nevertheless, having had that kind of intensive training makes me feel calmer when dealing with typical as well as challenging obstetric situations…

» Gynecology

Our office offers a relaxed environment where we hope you will feel comfortable in communicating your confidential gynecologic needs. We spend a significant part of our day in the office diagnosing and treating routine and complex gynecologic disorders, as well as performing routine annual gynecologic examinations…

» Infertility

Our office provides basic infertility work-up and treatments for couples having difficulty achieving pregnancy. Services we provide include infertility evaluation tests and ovulation stimulation with or without artificial insemination. We do not provide IVF (in-vitro fertilization) or complex ovarian stimulation services. In women of advanced maternal age, usually 40, we are more likely to quickly refer to those who perform IVF, realizing that the biological clock is the most important key player in these patients…

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