Express Check Annual Exam

We are introducing a new service to accommodate your busy schedule. We realize and appreciate that you make the time to come in to our office for routine Annual examinations, and it is always our goal to provide you with excellent gynecologic care. We also understand that practitioners often run behind schedule, leaving you somewhat frustrated and feeling like you are wasting your time in the waiting room.

Women who come to their doctor’s offices for routine health maintenance examinations may also have other issues that are minor and/or longstanding, and feel that bringing these concerns up for discussion during the annual examination is efficient and time-saving. The inherent problem with this is that seemingly minor issues actually require a lot of dialogue and likely further testing or evaluation, something very difficult to do during a visit designed specifically for a short routine exam.

Express Check Annual examinations will be offered by appointment only, and on certain days of the week. This annual examination is specifically intended for women who need their yearly exam but have no issues, no concerns, and limited time to spend in the doctor’s office. These appointments are geared to run on-time, all day. Our patient’s total time in the office would likely be around 30 minutes, and will include a thorough examination, current gynecologic medication refills if needed, lab slips and referrals for any indicated routine labs and mammograms; in addition, a packet containing pertinent information regarding gynecologic health for women in every stage of their lives will be provided.

If you are due for your routine annual examination and you find that you are short on time, consider scheduling an appointment for an Express Check Annual! –The same quality exam without the wait.

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