Our Patients Midwife Experiences

In early 2013, I sent out a questionnaire to then pregnant patients asking their opinion as to whether or not they would be receptive to my hiring a midwife to help with delivering our low risk women. Somewhat surprising to me, the feedback was VERY supportive. With that in mind, I jumped through many bureaucratic hoops at John Muir leading to the granting of hospital privileges to midwives. During this time I hired Sonya Jubb, who began work in my office last June.

Having had Sonya deliver many women over the course of her time with us, we reached out again to get some feedback regarding patients’ thoughts prior to, during and after their care and delivery with Sonya. We received overwhelmingly positive responses to our questions and would like to share them with the rest of our patients who may consider delivering with a midwife in the future.

Below you will find the questions we asked along with candid responses from women who delivered with Sonya. If you’ve had experiences with Sonya that you would like to share, please let us know! We love hearing about the moments with her that made your pregnancy or delivery extra special!

  1. What were your initial feelings when faced with the possibility of being delivered by a midwife, and how did your encounters with Sonya during prenatal visits alter these feelings?
  2. How did Sonya’s demeanor impact your level of comfort and confidence as you approached your advancing pregnancy and upcoming birth?
  3. What were your expectations in having a midwife attend your birth and how well did Sonya meet those?
  4. Please share any “special moments” regarding your birth experience that you feel may make other prospective moms comfortable with Sonya’s presence on their special day.


Initially, I was indifferent about delivery with a midwife. I was open to the idea but not sure of what that would entail. About 75% of my prenatal appointments were spent with Sonya and I can easily say by the 2nd or 3rd appt, I was comfortable with her handling all aspects of my pregnancy and labor. Going into delivery, I was completely confident in her. She has a relaxed approach, but also a sensitive and serious side that offers balance to any question or concern. She did a wonderful job addressing all of my anxieties. I was also very comfortable speaking with her about the embarrassing and unexpected changes that come with being pregnant. Going forward, I didn’t think too much about expectations or a birth plan going into labor other than I wanted what was best for me and the baby. Sonya was helpful in outlining the probable time frame and making sure I understood the process as it unfolded. Most importantly, she really made the effort to ensure I was relaxed and happy as possible.

I went into labor late in the morning. Sonya stopped by around noon to check on me and let me know she would return in a few hours or sooner if necessary. When she returned she spent a considerable amount of time chatting with me and my husband while we were waiting for things to progress. It was nice to have as a distraction and I felt like she was part of the family and just as excited about our new arrival. If possible, I would want her to be part of any future childbirth experience without question!


My husband and I were initially a little unsure of the possibility of a midwife delivering our first child but after meeting with Sonya, our fears and anxiety were eased. Sonya was always such a calming presence and answered all of our questions and concerns. Her demeanor is always friendly and professional. I looked forward to my prenatal visits with Sonya! My husband and I wanted our son to be born into a calm and loving labor and delivery experience and that is exactly what Sonya gave us. Sonya beyond exceeded our expectations for the delivery. My whole pregnancy was special with Sonya. I really enjoyed getting to know Sonya and the staff. My husband and my family also enjoyed the experience. I highly recommend all new and experienced moms to have Sonya as their midwife and I look forward to my next pregnancy!


After meeting with Sonya for the first time, I felt completely comfortable with the idea of her delivering my baby. I was a very nervous and anxious mother-to-be when it came to the delivery aspect of it. I expressed my fears and anxiety towards the situation during our first visit, and she listened and immediately proposed solutions to help with my anxiety over the next several months and during my actual delivery. I scheduled the majority of my office visits with Sonya and decided that she would be the best person to deliver my baby. My husband was hesitant when I first suggested that I would like Sonya to deliver my baby, but after meeting with her and seeing how she dealt with my specific needs as a patient, he agreed that she was the right person to deliver our baby boy. We love Sonya! She was always calm and patient with me. I always felt completely comfortable in her presence and trusted her advice. She listened to me and spent more time with me, getting to know me as her patient and learning the best way to deliver my baby and comfort my fears. I was more confident approaching delivery/birth after my visits with Sonya.

I had few pre-conceived expectations about having a midwife attend the birth of my son. Sonya was amazing and I am so happy she was there to deliver my baby boy! She exceeded all expectations! We love Sonya and are so thankful for her!


I thought it was amazing that JMH would allow midwives to deliver there and I was pleasantly surprised. I felt very at ease with Sonya and I felt that she genuinely loved her job. She was awesome and had a lot of good advice to have the baby get in the right position. She was always very calm and professional. The moment she set my baby on my on my chest was captured in a picture and you can tell that it was special to her too. If you want to refer anyone to me with questions about having a midwife, you may.


Initially, I was a little nervous as I had assumed a doctor would deliver my baby. I thought that a doctor would have more “pull” in the hospital if things went wrong. My encounters with Sonya absolutely and totally changed my perceptions! She is so knowledgeable, personable and has an amazing bedside manner. Any question–she could answer it with confidence and in a way that put your mind at ease. Her friendly, welcoming smile and the way she described things totally put my mind at ease. I was not at all nervous for the birth thanks to Sonya. She literally sat on the end of my bed the whole time, coaching and encouraging me. She has this amazing calming voice throughout the whole birth, even when there may have been something going not quite right (e.g. me spiking a temp late in labor). She also offered a mirror so I could see the birth! Amazing! My baby was rotated coming though the birth canal, so Sonya assisted guiding her head and shoulders to turn with each push! My husband and I honestly cannot thank Sonya enough for the wonderful, professional, safe arrival of our beautiful daughter! Prior to having our baby I never considered having a midwife deliver our baby, but after our experience, it will now be something I will look for at an office for our future children (if we are no longer in Walnut Creek).


I was very comfortable with the idea of delivering with a midwife. My 2nd child was delivered by a midwife. Sonya was very understanding and listened to each concern of ours. I felt safe for myself and our baby. I also loved how she acknowledged my husband’s concerns. I was calmer than ever during this pregnancy because she never rushed us out. She never prepared to walk out or gather her things until we were done. We really, really appreciated that.

When thinking about a delivering with a midwife, I imagined a very calm, nurturing and supporting environment. She exceeded our expectations. First, she is a woman. You automatically connect and can easily follow guidance on when to push and how it will feel as she described it very accurately. She helps you visualize the goal without overwhelming you.


Delivering with a midwife was something that I had been interested in but I had given up the idea since it’s not covered by insurance (my perception at the time). I was very excited to meet Sonya and she was wonderful! She made me feel very comfortable and took time to answer my questions. Her calm demeanor eased my anxiety as I advanced in my pregnancy. I’ve had gestational diabetes and was very nervous. She was very encouraging and supportive of me and I appreciate it very much. Since it was my first child, I really didn’t have many expectations. (I had no idea what I was supposed to do!) She guided me through the process with her soothing voice and my delivery was relaxing and stress free. On the delivery day, Sonya touched my belly and had said my daughter is going to be 6lb and at most a half. (I had GD and thought I’d have a HUGE baby). She was right–my daughter was 6lb 2 oz. My “aha!” moment–I would like to deliver my second child with her too (not happening soon though!)


My perception was that a midwife would favor a “natural,” low-/no- intervention childbirth. I liked Sonya immediately and after a few visits, realized that (a) as a low-risk pregnancy my medical needs most likely weren’t that complex (relatively speaking), and (b) Sonya could meet all my likely needs and would be more accessible/available. Sonya has a very calm, confident, competent demeanor. She was always happy to spend extra time discussing your questions. I expected that if I saw Sonya throughout my pregnancy, I would have either her or Dr. Wells deliver my baby. Dr. Wells was on call when I was admitted and Sonya delivered my baby. Mom, Dad and baby all had a really good experience!


I was stoked about the potential to deliver with a midwife! I had looked into having a midwife before I found Dr. Wells, but was told midwives didn’t deliver at John Muir. Imagine my joy when I found out I could have the best of both worlds: Dr. Wells AND a midwife!

Basically…I’m obsessed with Sonya. 🙂 Our appointments felt like sitting down to chat with a girlfriend. She never harped on me about my weight gain, which I was very sensitive about. And she was extremely responsive to any concern I raised during appointments, whether it was an issue of needed a Rx or just more information on a topic. My expectations were that my birth would be peaceful and I’d have a supportive doctor/midwife–complete opposite of my first birth experience with my son. Sonya came through x 1,000,000. She was AMAZING. Because of Sonya’s supportive presence, I had the birth experience of my dreams: peaceful, safe and QUICK (lol). When I tried to lie on my back to push, I got extremely nauseous, to the point of nearly passing out. Sonya just quietly improvised and told me, “Hey, no big deal. You can push from your side.” What a relief! Five quick pushes later, I was holding my gorgeous, healthy daughter. Sonya, you da bomb, girl! 🙂 Dr. Wells, you’re a genius for hiring her. I promise you she’s worth ALL the hoops you had to jump through to get her.


I was open to the idea of having a midwife but had not previously considered it during my pregnancy (I moved to the area when I was 24 weeks). I really liked Sonya after my first appt with her. After subsequent appts I felt completely comfortable with the idea of delivering with her and actually looked forward to the opportunity since I was leaning towards a natural birth. Sonya is confident yet calming and very realistic in her approach to pregnancy and delivery. I felt very comfortable discussing all of my questions and concerns throughout my pregnancy leading up to and through delivery. I knew that regardless of who was present at the birth of my son, I would be in good hands and it would be a positive experience. I was hoping that I would be able to have a natural birth and that Sonya would provide guidance and support in order to achieve that goal. I was skeptical that this would happen since I ended up being induced at 41 weeks, but Sonya checked in with me in the morning, around lunch time and came back for most of the rest of my labor that evening (other than stepping out for another delivery) and offered great advice and techniques that resulted in me achieving my goal of an unmedicated birth. She also provided support and pointers for my husband to help get us through a natural labor/delivery. Her calm and reassuring demeanor in the delivery room was amazing. She was very attentive and supportive which left me feeling a very special connection with her after I delivered my son. Both my mom (who was present in L&D) and my husband told me how impressed they were by Sonya…so it wasn’t just me! 🙂 Thank you for being such a progressive practice and offering this type of service! I would not have considered it otherwise. I wouldn’t change my experience at all–the interaction and collaboration with Dr. Wells and Sonya throughout my pregnancy were outstanding.


At first I was very nervous about the idea of delivering with a midwife, down right against it if I’m being totally honest. However, Jennifer and Dr. Wells thought she would be great for me so I agreed to see her at my 7 month visit. I loved her after that visit and knew she would be in the delivery room with me on the “Big Day!” Don’t get me wrong, I chose Dr. Wells because I wanted him in there with me, but I understood the benefits to having Sonya instead. She was present for all internal exams while in labor and really was able to put me at ease. She really helped me relax and fell like I was going to be taken care of. Her attitude was a huge influence on my entire labor and delivery! Leading up to the day, she was available to answer any questions I had, personally called to confirm my induction date and time…the whole process with her was personal. I had no expectations because it’s not what I spent months planning for, but I can tell you it exceeded all expectations of labor/delivery in general that I carried with me! She exceeded all expectations in my opinion! Sonya was the one doing all my exams while in labor. It was so nice to see the same familiar face and not the nurse on shift at the time. Sonya also was not “in and out” during labor–she stayed at time and talked, sharing personal storied between my husband and I. It was a nice, calming experience and environment. Furthermore, Dr. Wells, you have one exceptional staff! I could not have dreamed of a better pregnancy, labor and delivery experience!


It never occurred to me to deliver with a midwife–I did not know it was a possibility at JMH and I knew I wanted to deliver there. Once I became aware that this was an option, I was excited about the possibility because I was interested in a natural birth, and I really liked Sonya and her approach, which I learned about during prenatal visits. Sonya was great! She took the time to hear my concerns and answer my questions. She was very patient and knowledgeable, and her attitude made me fell comfortable with whatever route my delivery took. I expected a lot of support and patience if I pursued a natural birth. In the end, my labor progressed slowly, so I opted for an epidural. Sonya was completely understanding of this approach, and I still felt like I got a lot of help and guidance from her. I was worried that she (actually, just midwives in general) might act judgmental since I didn’t go natural as planned, but this was absolutely not the case! Sonya just seemed so understanding. I felt completely safe and supported, no matter which route my delivery went. I felt like she really made time for me and absolutely coordinated my care and just looked after me in the delivery room. This was my first baby, so I didn’t know what to expect, but Sonya (and Joy, the nurse) made he experience wonderful!


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