Our Patients Midwife Experiences 2


At first, I thought it was a nice idea to meet her but I really wanted Dr. Wells to deliver. After encountering her a few times I was impressed with how personable she was and informative of what she was doing and what was going on. I felt at ease with her. Her calmness, yet obvious knowledge, made me feel well cared for and very trusting. I wasn’t planning on having Sonya, but she was on call the day I went into labor. At first, I was a little nervous, but Sonya was fabulous and I am so glad she delivered my son. We had a few laughs while I was in labor, probably when I asked my husband if his thumb was ok from all my squeezing. Sonya thought it was funny and we all laughed at the ridiculousness.


At first I wasn’t sure about delivering with a midwife as it was my first baby and I didn’t know much about the differences between being delivered by a midwife vs. Dr. Wells. Sonya was always great during visits and made me feel comfortable. She seemed very confident and made me feel like I was in good hands. I’m not sure I really had “expectations” –just hoped my delivery would go smoothly. Sonya was wonderful! She knew exactly what to do and made sure my delivery went well from start to finish. She had a very calm and comforting demeanor that was very reassuring to me and my husband. We were both nervous since it was our first baby and I had some complications towards the end of my pregnancy. Sonya made the entire birth process go smoothly which made us have such an enjoyable experience meeting out baby for the first time! We loved Sonya and would definitely recommend her to any other parents-to-be!


At first I was skeptical about using a midwife. I felt she wouldn’t be as knowledgeable or competent as Dr. Wells. I tried her and absolutely LOVED her. Sonya was very laid back like Dr. Wells and she spent ample time with me during my visits. She is very relaxed and always made me feel comfortable. I had no doubts about her going into the labor stages of my pregnancy. I felt extremely confident and actually excited about using her as my midwife. My expectations were that she would fill Dr. Wells’ shoes and if something were to go wrong, a doctor would be paged. She definitely exceeded my expectations.

Before delivery while in labor, the nurse and Sonya told us that some of the meconium had leaked, so they wanted a pediatrician in the room during delivery. My husband got nervous and panicked a bit. Sonya noticed and sensed his anxiety. She took time to comfort him, explaining what was going on, and reassured him that everything would be ok. Thank you! Sonya was wonderful! Your office did a great job picking “the perfect fit” for your practice!


My initial feelings were ones of intrigue. I did not know anything about midwives and thought they were similar to doulas, which I did not want. I am a very mellow person and did not want some “hippie” woman all in my face telling me to be organic and not use pain medication. Dr. Wells told me this wasn’t the case! He couldn’t have been more right. My encounter with Sonya was similar to Dr. Wells. Someone who was kind, professional and there for me in whatever decisions I chose. She was very helpful in every way. She answered all my questions and provided me with options for the birth without judgment. She was relatable and kind at each appointment. My expectations were exceeded. It felt like Sonya was my doctor and that she was there with me 100% and that she cared about my health and that of my new baby too! After my birth, my family was busy surrounding my new sweet girl. As I lay on the table, it was just Sonya and I talking as she stitched me up. She offered advice and made me feel like I did a great job. She also came over and helped me with tips and assistance as I tried breastfeeding for the first time. As a mom of 3, I knew she knew what she was doing! ? Thanks! Looking forward to you (or Sonya) delivering our next when we are ready! Got some time for that though!


All I can say is I love, love, LOVE Sonya. I have never considered being delivered by a midwife, so when I first heard that Dr. Wells might not deliver my baby, I was a little concerned. However, after one check-up with Sonya, I was very comfortable with her and confident she could do a great job. And she did! ? Sonya is a very calm person. When it comes to childbirth, her calm demeanor matters a lot. It eased our anxiety and stress during the birthing process. Yeah, even though it’s my second baby, it’s still a scary and stressful process to me. When it came to delivering with a midwife, quite honestly, I didn’t know what to expect, even though I met her several times before the birth. I just never used a doula or a midwife before. However, I’m very glad Sonya was there the entire time. She absolutely exceeded all my expectations! All I can say is thank you for hiring Sonya. She was great!


At first, I was unsure about the prospect of being delivered by a midwife. However, after meeting with Sonya, my concerns were eased. She is so personable and knowledgeable. We loved working with her! Since this was our first, we didn’t really know what to expect. Our experience was great. Sonya is so calm and confident. It was the ideal experience. She also suggested that my husband help with the labor, which was amazing and memorable. The fact that Sonya is so calm and just sits on the bed with you makes giving birth feel so much more relaxing. Maybe we got lucky this time but labor was so much easier and more enjoyable than I would ever imagine. It was a really great experience.


I was very excited to know Dr. Wells had a midwife. It is actually my preference to have a midwife deliver me since I do unmedicated births. To have Sonya take care of me and backed up by a wonderful physician–it’s wonderful. Sonya was great during all my visits! She is very caring and compassionate. She has a very calming demeanor and I always felt very comfortable with her! I did not have any particular expectations other than she would be more supportive during contractions and the actual delivery of my baby with my choice to have an un-medicated birth. Sonya far exceeded my expectations. She was supportive and a great coach–helping me breathe and keeping me focused –Sonya is wonderful. I could write a few pages on how amazing and wonderful Sonya was to me and my family! To begin, one of my favorite moments (as chaotic as my boys may have been) is being able to share my appts with Sonya and my oldest son–she would let Jack (4 1/2) put jelly on my belly and help find his sister’s heartbeat. He smiled from ear to ear each visit and still talks about these special visits. On the day of my delivery, I was very excited that Sonya would be there with me! During her periodic checks on me during my 2 hr stay in L&D, she would bring me water -just to make sure I kept hydrated…so sweet. But my most favorite and memorable experience is that she “danced” with me during some of my most intense contractions at the end. I had my arms around her neck and we swayed side to side together and she would talk me through slowing my breathing in the most comforting and calming voice. And once it was time to push my little one out, Sonya again calmly talked me though the few pushed and was excited to meet my little girl! My husband and I were both overwhelmed by the support Sonya gave me during labor. It was more than we ever could have imagined! Thank you Sonya! Thank you for making my 3rd, and last, pregnancy and delivery so memorable. Your office was great to my boys over the past year and I thank you all!


I was initially a little nervous, only because I completely LOVE & TRUST Dr. Wells with delivering my babies. Once I met Sonya, I was completely at ease…loved her calm and supportive demeanor. I liked her immediately! She has an amazing demeanor…super calm and knowledgeable and supportive and professional. Excellent listener….I really felt heard and focused on! She has a very kind and warm personality.

I was totally open to Sonya delivering my baby girl. I wanted Dr. Wells on hand–just in case of an emergency (which he was), but Sonya was amazing! Just before my final push to welcome our baby, I got VERY emotional…Sonya was calm and reassuring, squeezed my hand and said, “You can do this!” I loved that! Thank you, Dr. Wells and Sonya for a wonderful delivery as well as excellent prenatal care! You guys are wonderful!


Initially, I felt apprehensive that a midwife might be against me getting an epidural and push for a natural birth (just a stereotype of midwives I had). I was also worried she might not be as medically knowledgeable as Dr. Wells. As soon as I met Sonya, all of that changed. She was very friendly yet also very knowledgeable, and most importantly, I felt like she respected and fully supported my preferences for this pregnancy. Sonya truly became like a friend to me. I felt so comfortable around her that I was able to share all of my concerns without worrying what she might think or say. I never felt like she was rushing me or trying to get to the next patient. The times when I brought my 3 year old son with me, she was always friendly and engaging with him. Even letting him help her find the baby’s heartbeat when the monitor. He really loved that!

My expectations were seriously, “let’s just hope she doesn’t guilt me into not getting an epidural.” I know, really low! I definitely didn’t expect her to be better than a doctor, but hoped she’d be okay. Now, I wouldn’t want to deliver with anyone but her. She was SO much better than a doctor in North Carolina who attended my first birth. Instead of just walking in and delivering your baby, Sonya is so compassionate, calming and just flat out nice. Seeing her come in to my room was just so reassuring every time, and I really feel like the beautiful birth experience we had is largely thanks to her (and the phenomenal delivery nursed at John Muir). If we stay in the Bay Area, Sonya will be delivering all of my future babies, even with my roundtrip 1hr commute from Oakland to see her. It was SO worth it! Sonya made the birth of our second son so special. She was great about explaining everything to my husband and mom (which hadn’t happened with our first child’s birth). When the actual delivery happened, she was calm and kind. Her encouragement of me was so positive and helpful. I left like she was a friend rather than a doctor. She talked with me throughout and made sure my husband and mom had good viewing and participation. After our son arrived, her praise make me feel like a million bucks and she didn’t just rush away, but took her time repairing me (I’d ton slightly) and then making sure we were settled.


“What no Dr. Wells?” –my initial feeling. From the first mention of a midwife I was open to the idea, to the first meeting with Sonya and visits thereafter I was excited about the possibility of her delivering my second child. I am so appreciative of the experience with her. Sonya made me feel calm and confident in my decisions. She listened to my concerns and supported my ideas as well as provided her knowledge and expertise, which always was reassuring. I had no real expectations other than support. Sonya exceeded my expectations by being consistent, calm and supportive no matter how much my emotions fluctuated. The first thing she said when she came into the room was “I have been thinking about you all night.” This was so comforting because we had just seen her two days prior and I was already past my due date and the delivery was happening very fast. The on-call doctor was already prepping, so it was comforting to see her familiar face.


I was excited about the possibility—I always wanted to have a midwife as a possibility. We loved Sonya the first moment we met her. We instantly got along and she made me feel very comfortable. She is so calm, present and understanding. She also has a great sense of humor. She always had answers to my questions.

I expected a midwife to not be okay with modern medical drugs for pain, etc. However, Sonya never made me feel judged. Whatever I wanted, she was OK with it and made me feel supported. While I was pushing, I gave up. I actually asked to get a vacuum to take my baby out. Sonya spoke calmly and told me to look into her eyes. She helped me through a very difficult situation. I am so happy she delivered my baby!


At first, I was hesitant to have a midwife deliver because of my diagnosis of gestational diabetes—I just felt comfortable having an MD by my side. Turns out the office tried to accommodate this, but the day I delivered, Dr. Wells was out of town. Sonya was amazing! I should never have worried. Sonya is kind, empathetic and gentle. She really listened to my concerns and has impeccable bedside manner. She was very capable leading up to and through the delivery. I expected exactly what I got: Calm, educated professionalism, but I was scared that she wasn’t going to support an epidural—not the case! Yay!

Sonya’s calm and kind nature put me at ease. She checked in with me more often than the MD I had with a previous delivery. She was so confident and educated that I would never have even thought to ask her for her certifications. It was an amazingly positive experience. I have referred my sister to Dr. Wells and Sonya for her delivery in December!

My birth story was a very positive one. I felt that between the JM nurses and Sonya, I was in great care and was constantly being checked on. If there was a complication, these women would have known right away. Their demeanor put me at ease and it was easy to push. Their positive encouragement make me feel like, “wow, I rock at pushing!” (ha ha!) and gave me the confidence I needed. I never felt encouraged to do things that I was uncomfortable with. In my mind, midwife=natural childbirth and that was just untrue!! Thank you, Sonya, for such a positive experience and respecting my choices!!!


I thought the idea of a midwife in Dr. Wells’ office was a splendid one–for someone else. After having Dr. Wells delivery 3 of my previous children, I was really only comfortable with the thought of him delivering the 4th. When I met Sonya (30 or so weeks) I was extremely hormonal and uneasy with her. Although she was sweet and friendly, I was angry and somewhat defiant about my visit with her. I nearly cancelled my next visit with her because at that point in my pregnancy I only wanted what was comfortable, not new! I’m glad I did not cancel on a hormonal whim, because by my next visit I felt completely different and enjoyed my visit with her. She was attentive and knowledgeable with a very relaxed and nurturing demeanor. As I approached delivery, I had no idea she would be the one to deliver, but I felt very comfortable with her by the second visit. By the third, I felt like we had been friends before. I thought Dr. Wells would be delivering, but I was OK with the idea of Sonya as a possibility. I don’t know that I had expectations for her because it didn’t seem a realistic outcome.

It was quite an amazing surprise how my birth experience turned out…first, I had planned for an epidural like my other births and of course, Dr. Wells. When I arrived at John Muir, they had somehow become mixed up and given me a natural birth nurse AND Sonya was on call. I was already at 6cm when I arrived and Blanca assured me I was a perfect candidate for a natural delivery. For some extraordinary reason, I felt good and went with it! Sonya delivered my baby girl a few hours later. She was great! Super calm and reassuring, she guided me though the delivery. Quite unknown territory for me without meds, I completely trusted her. I was shocked (and still am) at how easy and peaceful my birth experience was. I wholeheartedly recommend to other women to try a natural, no med birth if possible. Sonya was a pro and so encouraging! I can’t believe how different this experience was from my other births. It was so quick, and I was up and eating a hamburger at the table a 1/2hr after giving birth. Recovery was quick and I felt great holding my new little one. Thank you Sonya!