In-Office Tubal Sterilization

I asked my patients what led to the decision to have a “no-incision, in-office tubal sterilization procedure, how the procedure went, if there was a good understanding of what was being done, and what the results were.  Here are candid responses from my patients:

Brenda, age 41 from Danville:

“I did not want to continue taking birth control pills.  The staff is very sweet.  They help by making you fell at ease.  There is one small part that was uncomfortable, but the rest went smoothly.  Do not have to worry about birth control!!”

Jennifer, age 39 from Martinez:

“The procedure was so much easier and less painful than I thought.  I was very well informed.  Not having to worry about birth control is wonderful”

Elizabeth, age 42 from Lafayette:

“I wasn’t having any symptoms, I had the procedure as a permanent birth control method.  Yes, I was well prepared.  It didn’t hurt at all.  I was up and around after the procedure.  My life has improved for obvious reasons…I have no concerns of accidentally getting pregnant anymore!”