Robotic Myomectomy

I asked my patients what led to the decision to have a Robotic Myomectomy, how the procedure went, if there was a good understanding of what was being done, and what the results were. Here are candid responses from my patients:

Elisha, age 32 from Danville:

“I was having pain in my side for a while and when checked, a fibroid was growing. I only tried Tylenol and Advil for pain but nothing seemed to help. The Robotic myomectomy was not as painful as I thought at all. I was pretty well prepared; however, I did not know I would be so tired for so long. Also, my shoulder and back were in pain due to the position I was in during the surgery and I did not know that would happen. I’m not in pain now and hopefully will be able to conceive easier.

Your office staff is wonderful. Jody is so sweet- every time I call she is always very helpful. Jenn Butler is AMAZING! She always makes me feel SO comfortable and reassured and informed. Thank you all very much.”

Jennifer, age 41 from Vallejo:

“I had large uterine fibroids. I had several that enlarged during pregnancy. They became very painful. It also became painful to bend over or have any pressure on them. I did not try any other treatments, other than taking ibuprofen. Dr. Wells did an outstanding job of informing me of every option available and keeping my informed about every stage of this procedure. I knew exactly what was going on prior, during and after my treatment. Afterward, there was minimal pain. The Robotic myomectomy procedure was much smoother than I imagined. The procedure has freed me from a constant daily pain. Dr. Wells made me feel very comfortable throughout the entire process. All of my questions were answered before I ever had them. If it weren’t for my comfort with Dr. Wells, I may not have had the surgery. He is an amazing physician.”